Ger And Anne Wedding

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On Saturday January 8th 2011, I had the pleasure of photographing my friends Ger and Annes wedding.  They were married in Ballyheigue Church and the reception was held at The Ballyroe Heights Hotel in Tralee, Co. Kerry.
The church was full of family and friends of the couple and colleagues of Gers from ESB Moneypoint and Annes from Causeway Comprehensive School.
Due to the layout of the altar I was unable to see the couples faces from any location in the church and had to set up a camera on the altar facing them which I triggered with a wireless remote.  With this setup I was able to get shots of the couple with their guests in the background.
I took a series of available light shots of the couple in the church after they had finished meeting their guests.  I used the Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR lens for these shots and it produces excellent results every time.
We went to the beach in Ballyheigue on our way to the hotel to see if we could get some shots of the bridal party but it was far too windy.  I took a few shots just to say “we were there” but that was it.
We were treated to a fine meal and marvelous entertainment in the hotel afterwards and a wonderful day was had by all.  Felt a little under the weather in the morning, but it was worth it.
I wish Ger and Anne all the best for a very happy life together.



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