Kelly & Brian Wedding – The Armada Hotel Spanish Point

I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing the wedding of Kelly and Brian on Saturday March 1st 2014.  The wedding ceremony was at St Flannan’s Church, Lisdeen County Clare followed by reception at The Armada Hotel Spanish Point.  On the way to the reception the wedding party stopped at Garrihy’s Pub in Moyasta for some refreshments.  The Armada Hotel holds a special place in the couples hearts as it was here that they first met.  Brian’s family made the long trek from his native Canada for the wedding and thoroughly enjoyed the landscape, the people and the celebrations.

Kelly and Brian are a wonderful couple and I wish them every health and happiness in their married lives.


AK_140301_0017-Edit AK_140301_0087-Edit AK_140301_0091-Edit AK_140301_0157-Edit AK_140301_0021-Edit AK_140301_0193-Edit AK_140301_0263-Edit AK_140301_0280-Edit AK_140301_0303-Edit AK_140301_0310-Edit AK_140301_0022-Edit AK_140301_0313-Edit AK_140301_0321-Edit AK_140301_0328-Edit AK_140301_0353-Edit AK_140301_0355-Edit AK_140301_0382-Edit AK_140301_0390-Edit AK_140301_0392-Edit AK_140301_0394-Edit AK_140301_0396-Edit AK_140301_0398-Edit AK_140301_0411-Edit AK_140301_0467-Edit AK_140301_0480-Edit AK_140301_0532-Edit AK_140301_0638-Edit AK_140301_0661-Edit AK_140301_0664-Edit AK_140301_0668-Edit AK_140301_0699-Edit-2 AK_140301_0703-Edit AK_140301_0707-Edit AK_140301_0714-Edit AK_140301_0730-Edit AK_140301_0736-Edit AK_140301_0739-Edit AK_140301_0769-Edit AK_140301_0691-Edit


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