Clodagh & Denis Wedding – The Devon Inn

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Clodagh Kennelly and Denis McMahon at The Church of Assumption, Loughill, Co. Limerick.  Their reception was held at The Devon Inn Hotel, Templeglantine, Co. Limerick.   Many thanks to them for asking me to share in their special day and I wish them every health and happiness in their lives together.  AK_140920_0028 AK_140920_0029 AK_140920_0034 AK_140920_0042 AK_140920_0049 AK_140920_0057 AK_140920_0063 AK_140920_0068 AK_140920_0088 AK_140920_0110 AK_140920_0113 AK_140920_0119 AK_140920_0122 AK_140920_0126 AK_140920_0137 AK_140920_0139 AK_140920_0140 AK_140920_0144 AK_140920_0156 AK_140920_0161 AK_140920_0170 AK_140920_0176 AK_140920_0179 AK_140920_0181 AK_140920_0188 AK_140920_0201 AK_140920_0203 AK_140920_0209 AK_140920_0211 AK_140920_0214 AK_140920_0227 AK_140920_0234 AK_140920_0237 AK_140920_0244 AK_140920_0251 AK_140920_0258 AK_140920_0291 AK_140920_0321 AK_140920_0334 AK_140920_0363 AK_140920_0376 AK_140920_0440 AK_140920_0460 AK_140920_0462 AK_140920_0503 AK_140920_0516 AK_140920_0522 AK_140920_0530 AK_140920_0535 AK_140920_0545 AK_140920_0552 AK_140920_0557 AK_140920_0563 AK_140920_0571 AK_140920_0573 AK_140920_0576 AK_140920_0580 AK_140920_0585 AK_140920_0587 AK_140920_0590 AK_140920_0597 AK_140920_0604 AK_140920_0607 AK_140920_0620 AK_140920_0625 AK_140920_0626 AK_140920_0629 AK_140920_0631 AK_140920_0632 AK_140920_0639 AK_140920_0647 AK_140920_0662 AK_140920_0667 AK_140920_0678 AK_140920_0683 AK_140920_0687 AK_140920_0689 AK_140920_0691 AK_140920_0695 AK_140920_0698


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